Very Seamly stockinghose

Image of Very Seamly stockinghose


What is stockinghose, you ask? In all reality, I think it may be a word that I just made up to describe these pantyhose that think they are stockings.

Nude pantyhose with a sexy black backseam that come with their own attached garter belt. That's what I call stockinghose.

A wide band of stretch lace acts as your garter belt, with four thinner lace straps attached to the hose.

All the convenience of pantyhose combined with the slink of stockings! Seamed stockings at that!

Also available in nude with nude seam. Black with black seam coming soon.

100% nylon.

Tragically, Louboutins are not included :-(

Size: One size ~ approx size 8 to 14 will fit these pantyhose... err stockinghose