Softy & Fluffy crinoline


This is one great crinoline!

No scratchy, itchy tulle, this baby is made from a soft nylon with an elastic waistband.

Comprised of two separate layers each with three cascading sections, the top layer ends with a full ruffle along the bottom edge.

Keeping the bulk of the petticoat away from your waistline, the top section is a silky nylon, which encases the elastic waistband.

A lovely, fun addition to your flouncy dresses.

Sizing with this one has a range, as the elastic waist allows for some stretch. Neither the min or max range is recommended, - particularly the maximum, as wearing at that size could be uncomfortable... however, the choice is yours.

The waistband is 4cm thick. Averages around 60cm in length.

A size min waist 55cm, max 70cm. Average 66cm
B size min waist 63cm, max 80cm. Average 71cm
C size min waist 67cm, max 85cm. Average 76cm
D size min waist 72cm, max 100cm. Average 81cm