Scottie Dog brooch


Although it was always Fred Basset's name that took the headline spot in the comic strips, we always preferred his little mate, Jock, the Scottie dog.

The “it dog” of the 1930s, stars such as Bette Davis, Dorothy Lamour, Humphrey Bogart and Shirley Temple all owned a Scottie. This lead to such a rise in popularity of the pooches that you then saw their image everywhere, including jewellery and even one of the playing pieces on the Monopoly board.

So, here is your very own version, for just $23.00. Can't you just see him, snuggled on the lapel of your winter coat? Or perched jauntily atop a beret or in the folds of a woollen scarf – preferably plaid...

Made in the USA.

Size: ~ 5.5cm - nose to tail


Black with ivory highlights