Cherry Tree Lane Dress

$130.00 - On Sale

This is a gorgeous dress that needs to be worn, not in a shop! As such, she is on sale, right now! Only one left- was $180!

The Cherry Tree Lane dress is 100% cotton and 100% Spring!

With lots (and lots) of material in the skirt (pictured without any petticoats!), this dress has a lovely movement to it... it's designed for a frolic!

Flowering cherry trees, a border of pink tulips and purple irises, a decorative bird bath, a garden seat and blue, blue skies, this dress has it all!

Including pockets! Yes, pockets in the side seams. That makes me dance with joy!

A size - B86.3cm W66cm
B size - SOLD OUT
C size - SOLD OUT

Bernie Dexter label