Blue tulle ballgown


A stunning dress, I have actually never worn this one... it was more of a vintage rescue dress... "I just can't leave this dress here in amongst all these smelly old clothes..."

A true beauty, this dress has the softest tulle I have ever had the good fortune to touch.

The bottom layer is a soft blue satin, the next a larger holed darker blue tulle, the next a lighter blue with smaller holes and the top layer is the sky blue, light-as-a-feather tulle.

The top layer does have a couple of small holes in it - I guess you don't survive that many years without a few war wounds - but with the swirling layers and folds you don't notice them.

The third layer also has war wound, with a previous owner having some kind of accident which has lead to a semi-circle being cut out - but again, underneath two layers of tulle you don't notice it overly much.

The zipper will need to be replaced on this dress as the little tag to close it has long since gone.

It also has two big flowers attached to the rear of the dress from which one long ribbon of fabric is attached, the mid-point of which has another flower attached.

As you can see from the pictures, I've never been completely sure what to do with this embellishment, but I always thought it would look lovely attached to the wrist.

So, she isn't flawless, but she is lovely. A real star.

Sizes are measured with the dress laid flat. The best way to work out your measurements is to take a piece of clothing that you already own and take similar measurements from it.

Bust - measured from underarm seam to underarm seam - 46cm.

Waist - 30cm across.

Hips - free

Total length from shoulder top to bottom hem - 146cm
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